How Can We Help?


We offer in-depth 1 on 1 counseling. We understand that in order to change behaviors on the outside, one must deal with the root issue on the inside. Our qualified and experienced staff facilitate 1 on 1 sessions, group sessions and other productive forms of counseling.

Job Skills

We network with different organizations and businesses to offer women job training. Our goal is to help them become productive members of society. We also teach them time management and financial management including budgeting and planning for their future.

Parenting Skills

We understand that addictions rip families apart. Our staff can assist you in learning parenting skills through various methods. New Entra Casa has experience in helping families reunite.

More Services...

Our staff is composed of a talented and educated group of individuals who have been where you are at. Addiction affects all types of people in every social and economic class. Our goal is to offer services that work and help you to change long-term. Counseling, job skills and parenting skills are some of the highlighted areas of services that New Entra Casa offers.

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