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Testimonial – 5/2/2022

Dear New Entra Casa:

I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me! The warm welcoming and acceptance from the counselor and the clients. I was so shocked that I was welcomed with open arms. The acceptance from the staff members as well as the other client’s here. At that very moment I knew this program was for me. I felt like I was at home instead of some facility. The counselor were all great. A great team they are. When I first came to the program I was introduced to Mrs. Connie and Mrs. Julie, and Mr. Terry I than began to meet Mr. Charles .. my favorite! I am going to miss him and Mrs. Ryann and Mr. Jason who became my primary counselor … he’s awesome. What I’m going to take away from the program is gratitude … I’m so grateful that I found this program, and how much I learned.


Testimonial – 4/18/2022

Before coming here my life was a wreck! I had only using friends, I was depending on a drug everyday to keep me well, and I couldn’t identify my feelings. Now I have a support group, I have friends who are sober, I know what I’m feeling and know how to cope with how I’m feeling. I am forever grateful for NEC. Without this place and their amazing staff I don’t think I could be successful with starting my recovery journey.


Testimonial 2/22/22

Dear New Entra Casa,

I just wanted to formally express my gratitude to this incredible program. Being here not only has forever changed my life, but truly, whole heartedly saved my life. Every person here has made an impact on my life in one way or another. THIS is what a treatment program is designed to do. I am confident that this is what a real foundation to start living the rest of my life is supposed to feel like. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so optimistic and hopeful for the future. This program has helped me understand my brain, my past, my addiction, and myself more than I have in my entire 31 years of life. I not only understand to many of my struggles, that I wasn’t even aware of, I now also have tools to combat many of the things I understood but didn’t know how to change. I love myself today and I learned how to do that here. There are not enough words to express how appreciative I truly am. Thank you for teaching me how to crawl out of this black hole I thought my life was cursed to be. Thank you for seeing what I couldn’t see I myself, and I feel so immensely blessed to see that person in the mirror today.

I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Grateful beyond words.


Testimonial – 11/17/2022

The program helped me get my life back. This place helped me learn how to walk, talk, act like a normal person in society again. Thanks to the program I have my relationship with my daughter, a better relationship with my family and a great outlook for my future. I am very grateful and very blessed, Thank you.


Testimonial – June '22

I loved the staff at this program. They are the best. They helped me work through a lot. They always supported me and gave me the time I needed when I needed it. I also really enjoyed the size of the program. It was smaller and more intimate which made it a lot easier to open up and feel connected. i liked how we got to make our meals and do an assigned chore, it helped me get used to a "normal" lifestyle again.


Testimonial – Aug '22

I enjoyed my time here. At times the services were tough, but I know it is to get me and keep me strong through my recovery.


Testimonial – 3/2022

READ THIS your life may depend on it (mine did) …. New Entra Casa is the best treatment center in all of San Diego County. I know this because I have been to every single inpatient facility in San Diego that Medi-Cal covers and many more only covered by private insurance companies.

Three months ago, I was a chronic relapse who had lost my children, my health, all of my relationships, my hope, my dignity and worst of all MYSELF.  Finally, after 18 years of suffering from addiction, I hit rock bottom. After my last and final relapse, I found myself all alone in a hospital bed with nothing left. My body had finally given in to the disease. My system had gone septic from a staff infection and I was told I might lose a few fingers and the functioning of my hands. I was done.

I was told about New Entra Casa while still in the hospital trying to figure out where I was going to go when I was discharged. I did some research on the internet and I was surprised because I had never heard of this program. I knew in my hear this was my last chance and I wanted to start completely over and fresh somewhere I had never been before.

New Entra Casa saved my live. This big beautiful historic home stands in one of the most expensive and unique areas in San Diego. I received treatment in a ware home-like environment from the most kind, educated, amazing staff. This residential recovery center surpassed any and all of my expectations. The food was amazing, homemade and restaurant quality. I ate the best food I’ve had in years and years all while learning how to cook myself for the future.

New Entra Casa takes a very holistic, intimate approach, only treating six women at a time. So all my needs were met and I was never overlooked and received more one-on-one attention then any other treatment center I had been before. Three months flew by and I can honestly say I will miss this place with all my heart.

NEC took my sick, broken heart and made me whole and alive again. Not only am I confident I will get my kids back int eh future, I am sure I will go forward and prosper because I built my foundation strong for the first time ever in my life here at New Entra Casa.

If you are a woman who struggles with addiction and you are truly ready to change, LOOK NO FURTHER! New Entra Casa is your answer. This place will save your life just like it did mine.


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