"A Safe Harbor From A Restless Sea"

About Us

New Entra Casa is a residential facility for ex-offender and offender women. We provide a place for the women to live while they learn basic life skills, problem solving skills, financial management and job searching skills to enable them to successfully re-enter society. 


New Entra Casa was founded in 1972, over 45 years ago, by the Wesleyan Service Guild. This was a group of business and professional women who later became part of the United Methodist Women.These women were given a challenge by an individual in law enforcement who told them if they would like to become involved in a meaningful venture; they could open a residential facility for women ex-offenders.  Many women who were being released from jail had no alternative but to return to the same neighborhood, the community, and the lifestyle that they were in before incarceration.  It was this old environment and population that had contributed to the criminal acts that landed them in jail to begin with.


Another reason for needing this residential facility was that many women had no place to return to once released from jail.  Often their past behavior (crime, drugs, alcoholism) had caused friends and family to alienate them and  not  even consider allowing them back into their homes. There were many women who were homeless.  This has not changed over the years, but has instead increased steadily.


Upon receiving this challenge the women of the Wesleyan Service Guild began to meet and discuss this need. They decided to open up a house which they named "Nuestra Casa."  Later the name was changed to "New Entra Casa."


This house was managed by Volunteers and accommodated six-women ex-offenders.

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